Blindflug Studios
Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Founding date:
March, 2014


Press / Business contact:


First Strike Final Hour
Airheart Tales Of Broken Wings
Cloud Chasers
First Strike Final Hour Mobile
Stellar Commanders

Fabrikstrasse 54
8005 Zürich

+41 55 511 11 41


About Blindflug: We are an indie game studio founded in 2014 from the game team of the creative agency Feinheit. Our mission is simple: We want to create beautiful, imaginative and incredibly fun games, that center around complex, real world dilemmas and through that aim to create interesting new game mechanics and involving settings. We believe that games are an incredible medium for allowing players to experience the most complex of problems, but the game has to be hugely entertaining too!


First Strike Mobile 2014

Our first game - Is a huge success on smartphones and tablets. We sold more than 250'000 copies and have around 3.7 MIO Players. It is a Premium APP on iOS and in some Android markets powered with Ads. More on http://www.firststrike.mobi/

Cloud Chasers - A journey of hope 2015

Our second game - A father and daughter on a desperate journey in hope for a future beyond the deserts. Critically acclaimed and awarded with honors around the world. Out on Mobile and PC http://cloudchasersgame.com/

First Strike: Final Hour 2017

First Strike: Final Hour is a fast paced real time strategy game where you play one of the twelve biggest nuclear superpowers of the world – from known superpowers like the USA to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea – and try to be the last one remaining when the whole world blows to smithereens. Its out on PC and Mac game. More on http://www.firststrikefinalhour.com

(re)format Z: 2017

Set in the historic district of Zürich, 100 years in the future, you follow programmer Alice on her quest to bring down giant megacorporation Libria and simultaneously discover the historic events 600 years ago. A mobile stealth game designed and crafted for the 500 year anniversary of church reformation. More on http://www.reformatzgame.ch

Airheart - Tales of broken Wings 2018

Continuing the story of Cloud Chasers, Airheart takes you to a beautiful dieselpunk world in the skies. Hunt for Flying fish, build your airplane and battle ferocious pirates in an action packed adventure all the way to the stratosphere. Launching on all major consoles and PC. More on http://airheartgame.com/

Stellar Commanders

Stellar Commanders is a fast-paced multiplayer real time strategy game that pits player against player in a bid to take control of distant planets as part of an inter-galactic war for precious resources. In a future filled with conflict and scarcity, earth’s most precious metal is found to exist in small planetoids. To seize control of the Iridium buried beneath the surface of these celestial bodies, players must first engage their enemies on the surface in a tactical land grab. https://www.stellarcommanders.com




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Awards & Recognition

  • "Swiss ICT Newcomer Award" - 2015

Team & Collaborators

Moritz Zumbühl
Co-Founder - President/CEO

Jeremy Spillmann
Co-Founder - Chief Game Designer

Frédéric Hein
3D Artist - Animator

Radek Paszkowski

Wojciech Miesikowski

Oliver Hoeffleur
Project Manager

Urs Breton
Programmer - Project Manager

Gabriel Hubli
Communication - Marketing

David Hunziker
Game Graphics Designer

Michel Barengo, Freelancer

Diego Borellini

Moritz Friess
Marketeer - Project Manager

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