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Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Release date:
Switch: 31st of January 2019
Steam, PS4, Xbox One: 24th of July 2018

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Airheart is a dieselpunk airplane action game, where every colorful level is built on top of the previous one, all the way up to the stratosphere.

Welcome to Granaria, a flying city in the clouds. Meet Amelia - a young pilot and fisherwoman wishing to reach the abundant worlds edge. Sky fishing became a really dangerous job, with pirates roaming around everywhere. So start your engines, arm your airplane and get ready to make the catch of a lifetime!

Airheart combines free roaming, twin stick gameplay with a beautiful, colorful world. Defeat your enemies, salvage their scrap and reuse it to craft new parts for your airplane. Build and try out over 40 weapons and airplane parts. Combine their abilities to become the pirates worst nightmare. Or just have some fun with your enemies and use your harpoon to disarm, unshield, swing them around or drag them back home to disassemble them.

An airplane game, reimagined in a wonderful world, Airheart is a treat to fans and newcomers to flight action games alike.

UPDATE January 2018

SWITCH EXCLUSIVE: Including a new, exclusive game mode: 4 Player Party Mode! Players can play with up to three friends locally and try to maneuver the exploration Zeppelin SONNE on it's way to the stratosphere on the hunt to beat their highscore.



  • Furious Fights and Challenges: Action packed airplane battles against pirates and high tech drones will test your flying skills. Giant Zeppelin and Mechanical Snake await to fight you on your journey to the stratosphere.
  • Fishing and Harpooning: Search and hunt for flying fish to earn precious fish oil. Use your fishing harpoon to catch huge species, stun enemies or disassemble other airplanes for parts.
  • Crafting and Customizing: An interesting crafting system lets you figure out combination ideas for various junk. Craft over 40 weapons and airplane parts to customize your plane with.
  • Amazing graphics: You know those hypnotizingly beautiful flowers, that hunt bugs? Well, that’s a great metaphor for the colorful world of Airheart. Chosen as one of Game Art Challenge winners from the Game Developers Conference 2018, Airheart will enchant you with its unique art style.
  • Interesting background: The skylayers will change with new species entering the ecosystem as you play. Inspired by how real habitats change due to overfishing in the real world.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner - “Interactive Media Grant”" Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council
  • "Winner - “GDC 3D Game Art Challenge”" Unity3D
  • "Finalist - Best Swiss Game" SGDA Awards 2017
  • "Honorable Mention - Best in GDC Play" GDC 2017
  • "Selection - EGX Leftfield Collection" EGX Leftfield - Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • "Selection - Indie Arena Booth" Gamescom - Cologne, Germany
  • "Selection - Indie Games Play" Indie Games Play - Montreuil, France

Selected Articles

  • "if you’re looking for a game to enjoy and replay over and over this game is wonderful. I personally can not wait for the next few updates"
    - Sam Elliott, ugnnultragamingnewsnetwork
  • "Airheart is an addictive title, to say the least. Every time I launch it, I get excited to see what I can find next"
    - Jake Smith, creep-score.com
  • "The art style drew me in but the gameplay really got hold of me"
    - Josh Langford, PS Nation
  • "Airheart is an awesome example of the rogue-like genre which still has plenty of untapped potential"
    - Caps Guy, Angry Review

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About Blindflug Studios

About Blindflug: We are an indie game studio founded in 2014 by Jeremy Spillmann and Moritz Zumbühl, based in Zürich, Switzerland and Poznań, Poland. Our mission is simple: We want to create beautiful, imaginative and incredibly fun games, that center around real-world dilemmas. We believe that games are an incredible medium for allowing players to experience the most complex of problems while being hugely entertaining too! Our first title First Strike, a nuclear war RTS game, has been played by more than eleven million players so far. It was followed up by the highly critical acclaimed Cloud Chasers that explores the topic of migration, the dieselpunk action game Airheart and the Apple Arcade launch title Stellar Commanders. With over 50 nominations and prizes at international awards and festivals, like the Best GDC Pitch and German Developer Innovation Prize, Blindflug is one of the standout indie game studios in Europe.

Blindflug also works for innovative clients and helps them find new ways of communication with video games. Like Finance Mission Heroes, the first game in the Swiss-German curriculum that teaches kids financial literacy; Enter - IT Security Training, a puzzle game that tests your feel for digital loopholes; and (re)format Z:, a stealth game about the Swiss Protestant Reformation that tells the story of a similar revolution in a dystopian Zurich.

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Airheart - Tales of broken Wings Credits

Jeremy Spillmann
Game Designer - Creative Lead

Frédéric Hein
3D Artist - Modeling / Animation

Michael Müller

Anastassios Markotos

Radek Paszkowski
Programming, AI and Shader Wizardry

Olga Dwornik
Programming and Promotion

Urs Breton
Programming and Project Management

Urs Breton
Programming and Project Management

Patrick Coursey
Writing and Narrative Design

Kira Buckland
Voice Acting Amelia

Moritz Fries
Promotion, Marketing and Flyability Critic

Moritz Zumbühl
Executive Producer and President of the Madness

Tabea Iseli

Michel Barengo, Pocket Universe Productions
Music, Freelancer

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