Blindflug Studios
Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Release date:
expected March 2018

PC / Mac
TBA PS4/XBOne/Switch
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AIRHEART is a dieselpunk action game about a young woman, who flies her airplane and catches skyfish among beautiful sky islands. Amelias biggest dream is to reach the stratosphere and to bring down the legendary Skywhale, which promises riches and fame for a lifetime. In the world she lives in, fishing isn’t a hobby - it’s a risky and competitive job. Amelia needs to venture deep into deadly territory, avoiding sky pirates and automated security drones. Dive in the beautiful but dangerous world of flying islands, reach higher and higher, buy new airplane parts and weapons you need. Could you be the one to bring down the skywhale?



  • An action packed airplane game about a young womans dream to hunt the legendary skywhale
  • Gorgeous World full of ilsands in the sky and flying fish
  • Craft your airplane out of dozends of parts and salvage to world for new ones
  • Find launch bases to advance to ever higher skylayers and check what waits for you on the way to the stratosphere!
  • Get ready to fight powerful bosses to advance. Being sky fisher(wo)man is not a piece of cake.
  • A custom made soundtrack promises to keep you energized and ready for the adventure!
  • As always there is also a core message where we’d like to talk about some real world problems such as overfishing.


Early Access Launch Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist - Best Swiss Game" SGDA Awards 2017
  • "Winner - Best Trailer" AMG Awards 2016
  • "Honorable Mention - Best in GDC Play" GDC 2017
  • "Selection - EGX Leftfield Collection" EGX Leftfield - Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • "Selection - Indie Arena Booth" Gamescom - Cologne, Germany
  • "Selection - Indie Games Play" Indie Games Play - Montreuil, France

Selected Articles

  • "if you’re looking for a game to enjoy and replay over and over this game is wonderful. I personally can not wait for the next few updates"
    - Sam Elliott, ugnnultragamingnewsnetwork
  • "Airheart is an addictive title, to say the least. Every time I launch it, I get excited to see what I can find next"
    - Jake Smith, creep-score.com
  • "The art style drew me in but the gameplay really got hold of me"
    - Josh Langford, PS Nation
  • "Airheart is an awesome example of the rogue-like genre which still has plenty of untapped potential"
    - Caps Guy, Angry Review

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Original Soundtrack
Available as DLC store.steampowered.com.

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About Blindflug Studios

About Blindflug: We are an indie game studio founded in 2014 from the game team of the creative agency Feinheit. Our mission is simple: We want to create beautiful, imaginative and incredibly fun games, that center around complex, real world dilemmas and through that aim to create interesting new game mechanics and involving settings. We believe that games are an incredible medium for allowing players to experience the most complex of problems, but the game has to be hugely entertaining too!

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Airheart - Tales of broken Wings Credits

Jeremy Spillmann
Game Designer - Creative Lead

Frédéric Hein
3D Artist - Modeling / Animation

Michael Müller

Tabea Iseli

Anastassios Markotos

Olga Dwornik
Marketing - Communication

Michel Barengo, Pocket Universe Productions
Music, Freelancer

Patrick Coursey
Writer, Freelancer

Moritz Gerber
Marketeer - Project Manager

Moritz Zumbühl
President - Executive Producer

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