Blindflug Studios
Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Release date:
October 15th 2015 (mobile), October 15th 2018 (desktop)

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Looking for an action-adventure with an epic story and unique gameplay? Search no more. Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope is the fix. Guide a trailblazing father and daughter team through the deadly deserts of a dystopian future. Experience multiple narrative encounters with the weird, wicked and wondrous inhabitants of the five deserts. Fly high through the clouds with your trusty glider and collect the water you will need to survive. Reach the safe haven above the clouds by strategically managing your inventory and resources.


The earth is seared, and turning into an enormous desert. While most humans are struggling to survive,a privileged few are living on artificial floating islands in the sky. Farmer Francisco can no longersustain his family and decides to take his young daughter, Amelia, on the dangerous journey through the five deserts to reach the promised land above the clouds.


  • STORY - Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope offers dozens of non-linear narrative encounters in a dystopian desert, allowing for multiple play-throughs and the immersion intoan original and epic storyverse.
  • ACTION - Navigate your glider through the clouds to collect the last drops of precious water while dodging the deadly harvester drones from the world above.
  • SURVIVAL - Survive the desert and maintain your health — manage your equipment, upgrade your glider and trade for the right items.


Trailer YouTube

Introducing Cloud Chasers - Moritz Zumbühl YouTube

Cloud Chasers' Gameplay - Jeremy Spillmann YouTube

Focusing on the Journey - Tabea Iseli YouTube

The look of Cloud Chasers - Frédéric Hein YouTube

Creating the Story of Cloud Chasers - Patrick Coursey YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner in "GDC Best in Play"" Best In Play
  • "Winner in "Grand Prize"" European Indie Game Days
  • "Winner in "Innovation Prize"" DEIS - Deutsche Entwicklerpreis
  • "Winner in "Audience Award"" SGDA - Swiss Game Developers Association
  • "Selection in "Indiecade"" IndieCade 2015
  • "Finalist in "International Competition"" Ludicious
  • "Finalist in "Original Idea Awards"" Azkuna Zentroa Play
  • "Finalist in "Best Mobile and Tablet Game"" GameConnection Europe 2015
  • "Finalist in "Emotional Mobile Game "" Emotional Game Awards
  • "Selection in "Amaze Johannesburg"" Amaze
  • "Finalist in "Game of the year"" Best of Swiss Apps 2015
  • "Finalist in "Game of the year"" SGDA - Swiss Game Developers Association
  • "Finalist in "Indieplus Competition"" Indieplus
  • "Finalist in "Best Indie Game"" DEIS - Deutsche Entwicklerpreis
  • "Finalist in "IndieArena Booth"" IndieArena
  • "Finalist in "Innovation Award "" European Indie Game Days
  • "Finalist in "Best Mobile Game"" DEIS - Deutsche Entwicklerpreis
  • "Selection in "GameZFestival Exhibition"" GameZFestival
  • "Selection in "Games 4 Change Indie Arcade"" Indie Arcade
  • "Finalist in "Best Environmental Game"" Big Festival

Selected Articles

  • " It sounds like a really interesting game ... Keep an eye out for this one! "
    - Carter Dotson,, Toucharcade
  • " Cloud Chasers looks like an audio-visual work of art, and I don’t expect anything less when it hits the app stores "
    - Dan Vlasic, Pocketmeta
  • " Cloud Chasers is a very compelling project that I look forward to see in its finished state "
    - Jack Gardner, ExtraLife

About Blindflug Studios

About Blindflug: We are an indie game studio founded in 2014 by Jeremy Spillmann and Moritz Zumbühl, based in Zürich, Switzerland and Poznań, Poland. Our mission is simple: We want to create beautiful, imaginative and incredibly fun games, that center around real-world dilemmas. We believe that games are an incredible medium for allowing players to experience the most complex of problems while being hugely entertaining too! Our first title First Strike, a nuclear war RTS game, has been played by more than eleven million players so far. It was followed up by the highly critical acclaimed Cloud Chasers that explores the topic of migration, the dieselpunk action game Airheart and the Apple Arcade launch title Stellar Commanders. With over 50 nominations and prizes at international awards and festivals, like the Best GDC Pitch and German Developer Innovation Prize, Blindflug is one of the standout indie game studios in Europe.

Blindflug also works for innovative clients and helps them find new ways of communication with video games. Like Finance Mission Heroes, the first game in the Swiss-German curriculum that teaches kids financial literacy; Enter - IT Security Training, a puzzle game that tests your feel for digital loopholes; and (re)format Z:, a stealth game about the Swiss Protestant Reformation that tells the story of a similar revolution in a dystopian Zurich.

More information
More information on Blindflug Studios, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Cloud Chasers Credits

Moritz Zumbühl
President and Co-Founder

Jeremy Spillmann
Game Designer, 2D-Artist and Co-Founder

Tabea Iseli
Game Designer and Programmer

Olga Dwornik

Frédéric Hein
3D Modeling - Animation

Michel Barengo
Sounds and Music Producer

Diego Borellini
Concept Artist

Moritz Gerber
Marketing and Project Manager

Emel Jahaj

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